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Attendance and Promotion

Graduation Requirements:
English: 4 credits
Mathematics: 4 credits
Social Studies: 3 credits
Science: 3 credits
Additional Social Studies or Science: 1 credit
World Languages 2 credits
Physical Education: 1 credit
Health: .5 credit
Pathway Strand: 3 credits
Electives:  3.5 credits
Total credits required to graduate: 25 credits (possible to obtain 32 credits)
Recovery Credit:
Recovery credits can be completed through Edmentum.  Edmentum is an online program that allows students to make up credits that they failed during the year.  Students may make up two courses in Edmentum per school year.
Promotion to next grade level:
Promotion to sophomore year status requires obtaining at least 6 credits.
Promotion to junior year status requires obtaining at least 13 credits.
Promotion to senior status requires obtaining at least 20 credits.